The P.I. and the Harvey Girls  

What sort of young lady could imagine herself leaving life with her family in the Midwest to find her place in the adventure taking place along the railroads as America expanded westward? The P.I. and the Harvey Girls not only takes you to the depot but gives you a stool at the Harvey House lunchroom. She’s there to take your order.

Add to the young lady’s stress a string of summertime 1928 Harvey House robberies. If the public finds out what the Harvey Girl waitresses are forced to do during these heists, the scandal could ruin the Fred Harvey Company.  Girls are transferring locations or quitting in embarrassment and returning home.

Wise-cracking Kansas City P.I., Lake Chancellor, is hired to stop the bandits and keep the robberies out of the newspapers. It’s an impossible case. But his Harvey Girl twin-sister Stormy joins him in Vaughn, N.M., as does Charles Lindbergh, who is forced to land outside town with plane trouble. The two offer their help, as do the Harvey Girls at the Las Chavez Hotel lunchroom, including Grace, whose wit makes Lake’s lady friends back in K.C. seem like flat tires.

But catching the bandits is only part of the challenge. How can Lake bring them to trial without misleading publicity about what they forced the Girls to do at Clovis, Lamy, and Gallup? And the bandits aren’t acting alone. There are powerful men in Santa Fe behind them. What are they up to? What’s coming next?  To take a look inside the book and order The P.I. and the Harvey Girls  click here .

 Summer of Champions

Have you ever not made the team and thought you should have? Life’s unfair. You feel like you wanted to eat worms and die?  This is how 11-year old Joe Don Miller feels when he doesn’t make the Roswell Lions Hondo Little League All-Star team in the summer of 1956. He wants to be a champion and his only opportunity to be one just flew over the outfield fence. Or did it?  To read more and order Summer of Champions click here .   

Down to Earth in Roswell 

Do you think the Roswell Incident is strange? No more so than several other things that have allegedly happened in Roswell, New Mexico, also known as the Capitol of the Universe. This is a book of short stories with titles such as “Carnegie Library”, “Looking Older Than One’s Age”, “The Beautify Roswell Campaign”, and “Class Reunion”. To read more and order Down to Earth in Roswell click here .

The Lord’s Prayer: Hope for the Neighborhood

The Lord’s Prayer is the third most popular prayer in many parts of the world. (Do you know the top two?) It is a most revered prayer, but what do the petitions actually mean? What are we asking God to do when we pray Hallow Your Name? What kind of bread is meant by Give us this day our daily bread? Why would we need to pray to God, Lead us not into temptation? That sounds like Satan’s job. And why do some people say trespasses while others say debts?

Also, what is there about those who understand this prayer that makes them most valuable citizens of their neighborhood? You may have questions about this amazing prayer. If so, to take a look inside the book and order The Lord’s Prayer: Hope for the Neighborhood  click here  .

Stolen Miracles and Other Deeds of Dubious Intent

Dewey can’t claim to have written this one. This novel was written by his wife, Cheri Cramer Johnson. Set in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, the small,  poor town of Los Santos, readers delight in the quirky characters. Nothing much ever happens until an older lady named Estrellita Cordova makes a decision without tallying the body count. To read more and order Stolen Miracles and Other Deeds of Dubious Intent  click here  .


Dewey Johnson is available in the Albuquerque area for presentations on several topics. He has  given the following at a variety of locations: UNM Continuing Education, Oasis, Jefferson College (MO), Friendship Force, Sandia Presbyterian’s Senior Luncheons, service clubs. If a group is interested, there is a Contact Page.

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  • The Korean War
  • The Original Roswell Rocket, Dr. Robert Goddard