On Hiatus

Someone e-mailed me recently. “You used to have a humor blog. What happened?” I could have replied, “I lost interest and had something else to do and couldn’t find anything amusing in the whole world to write about,” but I didn’t. I said, “I’ve been on hiatus.”

Then I went to the dictionary to make sure “hiatus” still means what I think it means because at my age some words have changed meanings over the years. One change that bothers me is “commando.”  How did “a highly skilled member of a special military unit” come to mean “going without underwear?” What kind of skill does that require? Apart from reunions in Las Vegas, what kind of mission does a military unit undertake that requires no underwear?

While checking on the meaning of “hiatus”, I became interested in the “hi” section of the dictionary, all words beginning with “hi.” Think how important this section is to us. How could we zanies greet each other without “Hiya, Hiawatha!” Or stand each other without an occasional “high-ball?”  A great way to endure the Covid-19 pandemic is with the “high hope” that soon enough all this will be behind us. Of course, if you have no such hope, a relevant word in the “hi” list is “hibernate.” Put a sign on your front door that says, “Wake me when it’s over. I’m on hiatus.”

“Hiatus,” though, still means what it always did, “a break in something where there should be continuity.” I had attempted a humor blot for the better part of two years and then switched to writing a humorous novel instead. I took a hiatus. Now the book is almost finished and I’m almost back.

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