A D.I.Y Video for the New Year!

Do It Yourself is so big nowadays that it even has its own acronyms. A.A.U.G.H! for those of us who have difficulty following directions; D.I.Y. for those of us who don’t.

You want to make money performing brain surgery without going to medical school? There are D.I.Y. Brain Surgery videos on YouTube. You may need more than one, so there’s a second: “How to Prevent Brain Bleeds with Superglue and a Popsicle Stick.”

There is presently a Do-it-Yourself video for every activity known to humankind, but not all of them are called D.I.Y. Those that deal with nefarious activities have labels such as, “Watch as Thieves Clean Out an Apple Store in 13-Seconds!” (Teenagers can really be quick when you aren’t waiting for them to clean their rooms!)

As you watch these crimes unfold, you learn how it’s done. You have D.I.Y. thoughts. You say to yourself, “This gang of bank thieves is more efficient than the gangs in the other thirteen videos. I think I’ll do it this way. What I need now is a YouTube video on how to find a gang.” And, of course, there are at least 27 of them.

There are videos, even websites, that show kids how to sneak candy into their classrooms at school. If America’s test scores on math and science don’t worry you about the future, kids who aren’t imaginative enough themselves to sneak M&Ms into class ought to.

D.I.Y. includes everything from making gingerbread men to making robots. You can learn how to do handcrafts, start a business, create (or steal) jewelry, and grow a garden on a postage stamp. Every few days I get an unsolicited email from Pinterest saying, “You too can have a backyard garden like one of these!” And as I look at backyard garden after backyard garden, I am reminded of what is wrong with D.I.Y.  IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK!

Whatever happened to the idea of learning a skill that supports one well enough that he/she can pay someone else to do the things you don’t know how to do or don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Sounds to me like A D.I.Y Video for the New Year: Specialize! (By the way, these videos don’t have to work. You just have to post them on YouTube and you’re done.)




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