Little Old Lady Who

Whatever happened to the Little Old Lady From Pasadena? Remember her? She appeared in our rearview mirror back in 1964, passed us like we were standing still, and disappeared over the upcoming hill.

Unfortunately, she lost control of her brand new, shiny red, superstock Dodge going down the hill, which turned out to be steeper than she evidently thought, and wound up buying the farm. Originally, it was reported that it was Knott’s Berry Farm, but I suspect that’s just false news. My research shows it was a small farm owned by actor Don Knotts. He commuted from there to his job as deputy sheriff in Mayberry.

In any event, her obituary mentioned one daughter, Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe in Pasadena, and lots and lots of grandchildren, including a granddaughter, Little Old Teeny Bopper from Pasadena.

Little Old Teeny Bopper from Pasadena soon had a date with a yodeling cowboy. She didn’t like him at all, but she liked yodeling , even though it was dwindling in popularity. Few things in America ever die out entirely. There are Edsel clubs, Nehru Jacket clubs, Fender Skirt clubs, even clubs for those still interested in manners. She joined a yodeling club, found out that she had a knack for it, and started performing on the yodeling circuit under the name of Yodel-Odel Lady from Pasadena.I guess I could say the rest is history. Here is the latest from the Alpine Recording Studio.

Yodel-odel Lady Who?

It’s the yodel-odel lady from Pasadena,

(Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go)

And the hills are alive with white gardenias,

(Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go)

‘Cause parked by her rickety old chalet

Is a brand new super-stocked Chevrolet.

 Refrain-odel: And everybody’s saying she’s a heck of a singer

This yodel-odel lady from Pasadena.

She yodels real loud and she drives real hard

She’s the tenor of Colorado Boulevard.

It’s the yodel-odel lady from Pasadena.


When you hear her yodel-odel, please join along now

(Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go)

She’ll use you as back up as she sings her song now.

(Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go Heidi, Go)

She’s gonna get a Grammy now sooner or later

Cause she can’t keep her yodels off accelerator.


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