Senore Moments

We senior citizens couldn’t communicate apart from help. Let me give you an example of two couples in their seventies chatting at Senore Moments Mexican Food Restaurant as they wait for their order. Bob W. and Alice W. are one couple, Ted T. and Carol T. the other.

Bob W: “Alice and I are thinking about taking a trip to Colorado. You’ve been there several times, right?”

Carol T: “Yes, we have. One of my favorite vacations was in Colorado.”

Alice W: “Where did you go?”

Carol T:  “Oh, I could have told you if you hadn’t asked me. We skied, but where was it? …Here comes Ted back from the restroom. He’ll know.

Ted T. (as he sits down at the table) :“Bob, guess who I saw on my way to the men’s room?”

Bob W: “The guy who worked in accounting. I can see him from where I’m sitting. What is his name?”

Ted T: “First name’s Al. Give me a minute. I think I can bring up his last name.”

Carol T: “Ted, where was it we took the vacation we liked so much?”

Ted T:  “We went sailing, but I can’t remember the name of the city. It was on the ocean.”

Carol T: “Corpus Christi. And that was nice – I’d forgotten about that one – but I’m talking about the ski trip to Colorado.”

Ted T: “Oh, yeah. That was good too. Something like Fulton. Is there a Fulton, Colorado?”

Carol T: “Steamboat Springs! That’s it.”

Ted T: “Yeah, Steamboat Springs. Why are we talking about it?”

Bob W: “Alice and I are thinking about taking a trip to Colorado.”

Ted T: “Where in Colorado?”

Alice W: “We haven’t decided yet. My brother thinks some park is real nice. Bob what’s the name of the park that my brother goes to?”

Bob W: “It’s some town in a park or next to a park. It’s famous.”

Alice W:  “And it sounds like that fellow who got put in jail for fraud involving anhydrous ammonia tanks back when we were in high school.”

Carol T: “Billie Sol Estes?”

Alice W: “Estes Park! That’s it. We’re thinking about going there.”

Ted T: “Billie Sol Estes. I haven’t heard his name in a long time. I remember he was on the front page of that old magazine. What was its name? It’s no longer in business.”

Bob W: “LIFE?”

Ted T: “No the other one that began with an ‘L’.”

Carol T: “All I remember is the Saturday Evening Post.”

Alice W: “LOOK?”

Ted T. (turns in his chair): “Yeah, here comes our food.”

Bob W. (looking at his watch): “That was fast! No wonder they call this place Senore Moments.”

Ted T: “That’s it, TIME. TIME Magazine.”

Carol T: “But TIME is still in business. It was the other magazine like it that went out of business a few years ago.”

Alice W: “Oh, I know which one you’re talking about.  You can still get it online.”

Bob W: “The print version died of a weak circulation.”

Alice W: “That’s it, NEWSWEEK.”

The waiter serves the dishes, fills their water glasses, and departs.

Carol T: “That looks delicious, Alice. What is it again?”

Alice W:  “It’s the house specialty, carne adovada.”

Ted T:  “That’s him, Bob! The name of the guy in accounting is Al Carney!”


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